My Dream….


download1What to say about it??… Hi I am Shruti Naik. Living in Bangalore and working here. Though my dream was to do Engineering I dropped that idea. I like designing, specially using HTML, CSS and Javascript. Though I know only some part of it I can do. Designing and creating websites is very interesting and very easy. You just need to have hand on language. 

downloadJust start with the basics of HTML. Its my favorite. You just need to add some tags and when you open the page it just looks quite interesting with colors, text and images. You tag and your web page is created.

HTML basically called Hyper Text Markup Language. It is very simple and easy to implement. If you start you will really get addicted to it, but in a good manner. You can even earn making websites. Try with one. You can do this as your hobby as and when you get some free time just work on this.

I prefer HTML because as I start designing I learn everyday new things. Some new tags which gives new texture to my site. Still in learning process hope one day I know completely about HTML. Hope you will also enjoy trying with HTML.

If you are 20 or 70 no matter, you can design. There goes a saying “Sky has no Limits and Age is never a Boundary”. So keep learning and lead your life in an exiting way making everyday achieve something new…

With Regards,

Shruti Naik


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